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Rival Schools


LABEL  Photo Finish Records

RELEASED  7th March 2011

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Rival Schools - Pedals cover art

Main Cover

Alternative Cover: 12"

Alternative Cover: 12"

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Produced by Rival Schools
Recorded by Ian Love at House Of Love in Brooklyn, New York
Additional Tracking by Joel Hamilton at Studio G, assisted by Francisco Botero
Mixed by Chris Sheldon (Tracks: 2, 3, 6), Joel Hamilton (Tracks: 4, 5, 7-9) and Ian Love (Tracks 1, 10)
Mastered by Will Quinnel at Sterling Studio
Ian Love - Guitar
Walter Schreifels - Vocal, Guitar, Piano
Sam Siegler - Drums
Cache Tolman - Bass
Songs by Rival Schools, except tracks 6 and 8 by Rival Schools with Chris Traynor
Cover painting 'Poppies' and back art by Alex Brown
Booklet photograph by Walter Schreifels
Layout and design by Anthony Pappalardo