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Various Artists

New York City Hardcore 1987 - Together

LABEL  Revelation Records


Various Artists - New York City Hardcore 1987 - Together cover art
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Producer: Ray Cappo
Recorded: Don Fury Studio
Mastered: Greg Lee Processing
Artwork: Beth Lahickey

Bass: Walter Schreifels
Drums: Luke Abbey
Guitar: Brad Davis
Voice: Raymond James Barbieri

Gorilla Biscuits
Bass: Eric Fink
Drums: Luke Abbey
Guitar: Walter Schreifels, Alex Brown
Vocals: Anthony Civarelli

Bass: Tim Brooks
Drums: Drew Thomas
Guitar: John Porcell
Voice: Matt Warnke

Youth Of Today
Bass: Walter Schreifels
Drums: Mike Judge
Guitar: John Porcell, Richie Birkenhead
Vocals: Ray Cappo

Sick Of It All
Bass: Rich Cipriano
Drums: Armand Majidi
Guitar: Pete Koller
Vocals: Lou Koller

Side By Side
Bass: Brian Clark
Drums: Sammy Siegler
Guitar: Eric Fink, Alex Brown
Vocals: Jules Massey

Bass: Carl Serio
Drums: Mike Judge
Guitar: Jon Biviano
Vocals: Mark Ryan