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Youth Of Today Photo
Latest Release/Reissue
Various Artists
New York City Hardcore - The Way It Is
17th June 2014
Origin: New York City, United States
Genres: Straight Edge Hardcore
Years Active: 1985-1990, 2004, 2010-Present

Ray Cappo (Vocals)
John Porcelly (Guitar)
Ken Olden (Bass) / 2004-Present
Vinny Panza (Drums) / 2010-Present

Former Members:
Sammy Siegler (drums) / 1987-2004
Walter Schreifels (Bass) / 1987-1990
Mike "Judge" (Drums) / 1987
Drew Thomas (Drums) / 1986-1987
Lukey Luke (Bass) / 1988
Richie Birkenhead (Guitar) / 1986-1987
Craig Setari (Bass) / 1986-1987
Tommy Carroll (Drums / 1986
Kevin Seconds (Drums) / 1986
Graham Phillips (Bass) / 1985-1986
Darren Pesce (Drums) / 1985-1986
Youth Of Today
6th May 2014
Youth Of Today
We're Not In This Alo..
17th December 2013
Various Artists
Twenty-Five Years
19th June 2012
Youth Of Today
Take A Stand (Live)
1st January 1996
Various Artists
New York City Hardcor..
1st January 1987
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Youth Of Today
Take A Stand (Live)
1992, Album
Youth Of Today
1990, EP
Youth Of Today
We're Not In This Alone
1988, Album
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